The Akron
Perfected Over 30 Years.
The Akron Process has delivered exceptional projects for clients like Downer, Ausplow and KeepSafe. Unlike other builders, The Akron Process is built on over 30 years of experience. It has been refined and perfected, as well as customised and improved on to ensure every Akron Partner is part of a process that works for their unique project. Values of integrity, commitment and responsiveness bring The Akron Process to life and are at the core of its success.
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Development of Specification and Plans
Akron takes full responsibility for Delivery, Labour and Hardware on-site to ensure productive and safe workflow. This reduces clutter on site and through working with one team; removes the overheads of dealing with multiple suppliers.
Obtaining Permits and Approvals
Akron takes care of the Development Application (DA) process, along with the requirements associated with obtaining a Building Permit, so that work can commence on-site as soon as possible.
As your design and construction company, Akron brings a wealth of knowledge gained through extensive experience within the construction industry. Akron provides regular updates to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the duration of your construction project.
Project Management
Our project management staff effectively oversee all aspects of the construction project on and off-site, both the materials and contractors engaged on the project are to a high standard.
Akron employs an integrated approach to focus on teamwork and cooperation; this ensures the quality outcomes of works conducted and cohesion between the trades.
The Occupancy Permit is evidence that the building has been lawfully built and is safe to occupy. Akron submits a Certificate of Construction certified by the Building Surveyor on your behalf.
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